1. July 2019 TOM -Disappearing Mace

Disappearing Mace:
(Left Jab from a left to left fighting stance)

1. As your opponent throws a left jab, timeyour move to drop under
and off to the right of the jab by executing an off-angle hop switch
toward 2:00 and ending up in a right close kneel stance as your
right hand moves to the left side of your face to check. As you
switch and drop off angle under the left jab of your opponent
simultaneously execute a point of origin left downward thrusting
horizontal punch to the left lower rig cage or abdomen. Maximize
the impact of your left punch by utilizing marriage of gravity and
close the potential line of entry to your groin of your opponent’s
left leg with the right close kneel stance.

2. Without hesitation remove your left punch from the point of impact
and circle inside-out to create a path of action check to the outside
of your opponent’s left arm, which should now be collapsing in
from the impact to the ribs. Raise up and to your left with your left
arm still checking and slide your right foot toward 11:00 ending
with your right leg against the back of and checking the opponent’s
left leg. With this momentum and directional harmony, pivot toward
6:00 into a left close kneel stance while contouring a right looping
fore knuckle strike to the base of the neck and the lower left area
of the jaw hinge. Continue the strike and loop your striking hand
down and in front of your opponent’s chest.

3. With your opponent’s left arm now in the down or collapsed
position, take the fingers of your right hand and place them in the
hollow of the palm of your opponent’s same hand and position
your right thumb against the back of the hand. Match this position
with your left hand while trapping the arm with your right arm.
Without hesitation, step back with your right leg toward 4:30 and
utilizing a very small circle, fulcrum around your hip and twist the
arm at the wrist to your right to take your opponent to the ground.
As he hits the ground, maneuver to drop your left knee in the
anterior left shoulder of your opponent while maintaining control of
his left arm with both your hands. As you secure your opponent’s
position by checking his width and height in your right close kneel,
release your left hand and punch to any available target in your
opponent’s face.

4. While maintaining the knee check, move your left hand from the
punch inside and behind your opponent’s left wrist with the back of
your left hand. Continue this circle and invert your left hand and
grab your opponent’s left wrist in the preparation of the next move.
Once you have the grab of greater control, step back and off
toward 4:00 with your left foot and slide your right foot into
position to manipulate your opponent’s left arm at or above the
elbow against your right shin.

5. Execute a violent jerk downward withyour left hand and around
your right shin. This first move should dislocate his left elbow and
the pain should make his body begin to rise. Continue the
counterclockwise motion of your left arm and as you opponent
begins to move up and around, place your right hand on the back
of his head to guide his face into the ground while maintaining your
left grip on his left wrist and aid this motion by adjusting your
stance so that your right shin now collapses down and on top of
your opponent’s left triceps.

6. With your opponent pinned to the ground,release all grips and
rise up to execute a right sliding stomp to the right side of his neck
and place your right foot on the ground to the right side of your
opponent’s head. Make a slight adjustment with your left foot back
toward the right rib cage of your opponent and drop your right
knee on the back of your opponent’s neck.

7. Cover and Cross out.