(Left jab, right upper cut to midsection in a left fighting stance. Variation:Left jab, right cross)

1. Standing naturally your opponent shuffles in with a left straight punch toyour face and immediately executes a right cross punch to your face. Shuffleback with a push drag shuffle toward 6:30 into a right neutral bow whileexecuting a left inward parry to the inside of the left punch. As you settleinto your right neutral bow execute a right extended outward block to theinside of the left punch with your left hand stopping in a positional checkdirectly in front of the line of entry of your opponent's right cross.

2. As your opponent turns his body and executes a right upper cut punch to yourmid section drop your right hand from it's point of origin with a path ofaction block against the right forearm and simultaneously execute a left heelpalm claw to your opponent's face (push drag shuffle if necessary). As yourleft heel palm strikes roll your right hand inside your left and strike with aright outward back knuckle strike to your opponent's face. The timing of yourright back knuckle should immediately follow your left heel palm so that theprinciple of object obscurity is employed.

3. Immediately execute a split finger double eye poke with your left hand andtrack along the underside of your left forearm with a right half fist to youropponent's throat. The principal of opposing forces is emphasized with the lasttwo strikes to maximize impact value and economy of motion. From the positionof the previous strike move your left leg up the circle toward 4:30 and as yousettle into your right neutral bow execute a right outward downward backknuckle strike to the opponent's abdomen. Right front cross over and cover out.