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Thread: Kenpo 5.0 TOM March 2019 Crashing Wings

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    Default Kenpo 5.0 TOM March 2019 Crashing Wings

    (Rear bear hug arms free)

    1. Step to your right (toward 3:00) with your right foot into a horsestance(facing 12:00). Simultaneously with the above movement extend your arms, palmsout, then strike down with both of yourelbows against your opponent's forearmsas you settle into the horse stance, while torquing your hands palms in (Theintent here is to cause pain to your opponent's arms, and to loosen his grip.)

    2. Have your left foot draw to your right foot (close cat) as your left andright arms cock to the right side of your waist (right palm up and left palmfacing you).

    3. Have your left foot then circle clockwise, around, and behind youropponent's right leg (toward 7:30) into a left reverse bow, buckling his rightleg and disturbing his balance.

    4. Pivot into a left neutral bow toward 7:30 while striking with a left outwardelbow to your opponent's face. (This move should force your opponent's headback and away from you.)

    5. Continue to pivot counterclockwise into a left forward bow, as you execute aright inward downward hammer fist to your opponent's bladder. Your left armcontinues through your opponent's head to pin your opponent's right arm betweenyour left arm and your left hip. (The hammering action should crush, and forceyour opponent toward the ground.)

    6. Pivot back into a left neutral bow, and execute a left front crossover,covering out toward 12:00.

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    Default Re: Kenpo 5.0 TOM March 2019 Crashing Wings

    Reading through this and pondering why we need a "Kenpo 5.0" title for this since it's virtually the same as the "canned" or traditional EPAK technique? Really just curious...
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