Sword of Destruction
Front left straight or roundhouse punch

1. Standing naturally, step back with your left foot toward 6:00 into a neutral bow stance (facing 12:00), as you simultaneously execute a left inward parry with a right extended outward block to the inner forearm of your opponent's left punch. Your left hand should be in a positional check directly opposite of your opponent's right hand.

2. Immediately slide your right foot back into a trasitional 45-degree cat stance to create distance and proper body alignment.

3. Without hesitation, deliver a right front snap kick to your opponent's groin (This should cause him to bend forward at the waist).

4. While planting your right foot forward, inside of your opponent's left leg, and into a right neutral bow stance (facing 12:00), employ the principal of Marriage of Gravity as you execute a right inward hand sword strike to the left side of your opponent's neck.

5. Right front cross-over and cover out toward 7:30.