Opposing Circles
(front body lock arms free head-right of center)

1. As your opponent shoots in and past your checks and wraps his arms around your back, hip out and step back to 6:00 with your right leg to a left neutral bow as you snake yourl left hand down between your opponent's chest and yours. When your left arm descends below opponent's arm, make an outside in circle grapsing and trapping his right arm above his elbow. At the same time, snake your right hand under your opponent's neck underneath his mandible. As you lock your opponent's right arm, drive your forearm into the right side of his neck controlling his height and checking his depth as you simultaneously step back with your right foot toward 7:30 into a left forward bow to further brace your action.

2. With your opponent's height and width cancelled, execute a right step through thrusting ball kick to the inside of your opponent's left knee. As you step down to a right neutral bow toward 1:30, execute a right inward rolling elbow across your opponent's nose.

3. Without hesitation, execute a left rear cross toward 1:30 as you deliver a right hammering handsword to the inside of your opponent's right forearm at the radial nerve. Step toward 1:30 with your right foot to a left reverse bow to buckle the inside of your opponent's left leg and simultaneously execute a right hammer fist to your oponent's groin. As this action takes place, check with your left hand on the right side of your face.

4. Right front crossover, cover out toward 6:00