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Thread: OCTOBER 2021 TOM Attacking Warrior

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    Default OCTOBER 2021 TOM Attacking Warrior

    IKCA Technique of the Month – Attacking Warrior- Offensive Technique

    1. Beginning in a right neutral bow, you opponent is in a matched stance (also with right foot forward). Once you have good distance for the maneuver, shoot a right (palm up) backfist strike to the temple. Recommend this is done SLIGHTLY slower than normal as a set up for the next move. This is supposed to be a feint rather than a fake…if they don’t block it, smack the bejezus out of them with it. It is intended to draw their hands higher than normal. This is also a better plan if they are in a more solidly rooted stance instead of a “ready to run” position.

    2. As their hands come up, immediately execute a hopping-in roundhouse kick to the groin. This hop should actually begin about the time that the backfist lands/is blocked.

    3. Just before finishing the round kick and after the backfist lands/is blocked, drop the right hand to the opponent’s right shoulder garment (note: this needs to be modified if they don’t have a shirt on, duh).

    4. Having completed the kick to the groin and maintaining the grip on the opponent’s garment (if possible), Land in a transitional right-neutral bow and pivot into a right forward lunge with a left punch to the ribs as they are bending over (forfeiting their height), your right knee cancelling their depth, and your right hand cancels their depth.
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