April 2021 IKCA Technique of the Month – Twin Talons

Defense against a Two-hand wrist grab

Note: As with all techniques, this should not be conceptualized in a vacuum. I like the way that Mr. Joe Rebello (not IKCA, btw), describes the purpose of techniques such as these. I don’t picture this as the beginning of a tug-of-war, but a set up for another controlling maneuver or throw; perhaps in a grappling situation and the attacker has gained hand control.

1. As the two hands are tightening the grip (note: don’t let them get a full grip, that’s just asking for trouble, seriously), lower your center of gravity and simultaneously step back with your right leg into a left lunge stance while anchoring your elbows and bringing both hands up your center line with a snap out and forward. This should bring their hands up and rotate your wrists out at the weak link (between the thumb and the index finger). This upper-body position is reminiscent of okinawan karate’s Sanchin kata.

1 ˝ . Immediately execute double downward and outward parry/strikes to the insides of the attacker’s wrists or forearms. At this point, the hands should maintain a protective posture against forward movement, regrab, etc.

2. Execute a right snapping ball kick to the groin right up the center line, breaking his height zone and bringing his head down and forward.

3. Land in a temporary right forward lunge, pivoting into a right neutral bow with a right heel palm thrust to the facial target of your choosing.

Follow up, blend, borrow, combine or cover out as desired.
Note 2: I can’t over-emphasize the importance of immediate violent action in this technique.