December 2020 TOM - Clapping Tiger

Clapping Tiger:
(Defense against an [attempted] bear-hug under the arms)

1. The set-up for this is pretty simple - as the attacker attempts an under the arms bear hug, cup your hands and clap your hands with the attacker's ears and head in the way. This can be done at any time after he enters your reach, however I recommend doing it prior to them getting elbow deep.

2. Immediately after the clap, grab what ever is convenient (ears, hair, back of neck, etc) with both hands and execute a "Glasgow kiss" (love that term...head-butt) with the top of your head to their face.

3. Drop in place slightly (while still controlling the head) into a modified left cat stance executing a right thrusting knee to the groin.

4. Step your right foot outside of the attacker's right foot, bring your left hand down to the attacker's right arm/hand and (see note 1) bring your right arm under theirs near the armpit [setting up for a throw]

5. Pivot in place and execute a hip throw/drag across the hips, driving the attacker to the ground. Maintain control of the arm as desired.