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Thread: November 2020 IKCA Technique of the Month – Hooked Lightning

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    Default November 2020 IKCA Technique of the Month – Hooked Lightning

    November 2020 IKCA Technique of the Month – Hooked Lightning
    Defense against a left punch

    1. As the attacker executes a committed left straight punch (round or straight), step back with the left leg into either a RNB or (depending on the depth of the attacker) while executing a left inside parry-heel palm check with a simultaneous driving a right vertical fist into his face.

    2. Execute a right handed lop sao on the attacker’s left arm, pulling it to your right hip as you execute a left straight fist to the face in a right lunge stance.

    3. Release the lop sao and contour up the arm with the right hand in a middle-knuckle fist in a tearing hook movement to the cheekbone as you rotate back into a right neutral bow. Follow up, finish or cover out as desired
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    Default Re: November 2020 IKCA Technique of the Month – Hooked Lightning

    #1 - Initial step back is just a neutral bow.

    #2 - The right hand does not anchor to the hip.

    #3 - Final strike is not a middle-knuckle strike.

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