September 2020 TOM - Clashing Hammers

Clashing Hammers:
(Headlock, left side)

As attacker grabs you and pulls down to his right side and possibly around to his front for the head lock.

1. Right leg moves around attacker right leg to 12:00 to square Horse facing 9:00. Simultaneously, as you plant, right thumb side up, vertical hammer fist around attackers right leg to groin, and left horizontal forearm and hammer fist strike across attackers kidneys.

2. Left hand using back as guide, slides up and supports back of attackers head, and push his head to 12:00 and down, as your right hand performs a vertical punch into attackers face. Note: Left hand if for support of head and pushing down to provide increased power with strike to attackers face with your right punch.

3. Your left hand slides over attackers shoulder parallel to ground toward 12:00. Either a sword hand back to attackers throat, or grab to attackers face, then pull back toward 6:00. Simultaneously with left hand pulling/chopping back to 6:00, left leg pulls up and performs a leg sweep toward 12:00 to take attacker down.
(Alternately, your left knee can drive up into the back of the attackers right thigh).