July2020 IKCA TOM –Armbar Escape

Defense against an "Armbar" Choke"

1. Upon feeling the choke being applied (always try to act prior to actioncompletion, it makes life a whole lot easier), Step with your right foot intohorse stance, dropping your weight and bring your left elbow back to strike theattacker's solar plexus while executing a right finger thrust over your leftshoulder into the attacker's eyes. This all occurs on the fist beat.

2. Half a beat later, execute a left hammerfist to the groin, following up onthe rear elbow.

3. Step your left leg around and in back of the attacker's right leg. Slideyour left hip and leg forward so it slams into his right hip. This should placehim somewhere across your left thigh at this point. Ideally, this should bringyour feet back to horse stance, although, with the attacker in the way, this isa bit more difficult, physics being what they are.

4. Finish with a right up-back-and-down elbow strike/drop to his face (sincehe's off balance and his head is somewhere past his ass) and a right hammerfistto his groin (again).