IKCA May 2020 TOM

  1. Eye of the Storm

    Inside defense against a right/left punching combination
    Starting in a relatively neutral position, perhaps somewhat guarded but certainly not engaged yet, the attacker throws a right head hunting punch…

    1. Step back with the left leg into Right Neutral bow and execute a right inward block to the inside of the attacker’s swinging arm.

    2. When he follows up with a left punch, as is likely, pivot into right forward lunge with a right short outer block, palm out (note: not to be confused with a middle block with the palm facing you) with a left vertical punch right up the centerline to the center of the face, driving him straight up and back. Keep the punching elbow anchored to deliver the appropriate back-up mass.

    3. Simultaneously step forward with the left foot into a left twist stance, preposition the left hand near the side of the head (while keeping a “safe” checking position for another right) and bring the right hand (palm up) inward across the eyes with a rake/slice. The hand makes an orbit toward the left shoulder as the left hand extends out past the head.

    4. The right arm then continues the orbit and finishes with a right elbow sandwich to the head, breaking the jaw.

    5. Untwist into a left neutral bow with a right upward claw/vertical slice and a left outward sword hand to the throat.

    Note: This is a middle brown belt technique that focuses a lot on using torque. Much of this is brutal if completed and is likely to be seen as excessive. Complete with caution. In my opinion, the utility of this technique is the beginning.
    Blend, borrow, combine, cover out as desired.