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Thread: February 2020 TOM - Splitting Lances

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    Default February 2020 TOM - Splitting Lances

    Splitting Lances:
    defense against a two hand push or attempted grab

    1. As the attacker is committed to the motion (i.e. both hands on you ordefinitively moving toward you within arms reach), Step back with the rightfoot into a Left Lunge stance with two abbreviated outward blocks (not to beconfused with short outward blocks) to the inside of the attacker's forearms.

    note- this is only a half beat. The attacker should still have forward momentumwhen the next step is done.

    2. Immediately step you right foot across the center line to approximately10:00 into a right cross stance while executing a right downward rakingforeknuckle to the attacker's face (nose, eye socket, etc). Ensure that you hitat the same time that you are moving forward and while the attacker is stillmoving forward to maximize borrowed force and to fully occupy the attacker'scenter line). Left hand is checking near the face.

    3. Spin in place counter clockwise with a left rear elbow to the face directedtoward 6:00.

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    Default Re: February 2020 TOM - Splitting Lances

    It should be noted that settling into a rear bow to the inside of the attackers right knee/leg as the left rear elbow is executed will generate borrowed force into that elbow as well.


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