Repeating Hammers: (Outside defense againsta right straight punch)

1. As the right punch comes at the face, step to about 11:00 with the left footinto a left lunge stance with a left inward riding parry to the attacker's armabove the elbow while simultaneously striking the groin with a right upwardridge hand/inverted hammer fist with the right knee checking the attacker'sright knee

2. Left inward hammer strike to the attacker's kidney's with a change in placeto a right lunge while bringing the right hand up to a high index/chamber forthe next strike

3. Right downward hammer to the back of the neck with a stance change back toleft lunge, right knee checking/attacking with the left hand up checking

5. With the right hand, grab the shirt/hair/whatever is available and anchorthe elbow as you pull them towards you and down as you execute a right knifeedge kick to their right knee collapsing them in a counter-clockwise spiral -perfect world.

6. Release him from your right hand as you pivot in place slightlycounter-clockwise and execute a right kick with the ball of your foot (or toesif your got boots on) to the temple on the downed attacker.

Cover out.