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Thread: September 2019 TOM - Bolo

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    Default September 2019 TOM - Bolo

    September 2019 TOM - Bolo
    (Inside defense against a right punch)

    Push-drag off the line of attack assuming a left cat stance simultaneously executing a left extended outward block

    Execute a left snapping ball kick to attackers groin and settle into a left forward lunge stance

    3. Execute a right upward vertical looping back knuckle strike under attackers chin

    Continue the circular motion, building momentum, and execute a right rear hand punch to attackers solar plexus

    5. Execute a right thrusting ball kick to attackers mid-section and cover out
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    Default Re: September 2019 TOM - Bolo

    Defense against a right punch from the side.
    1. Step off at 3:00 into a left cat stance. Perform a left extended outward block to the inside of the attacker’s right forearm. Right hand sets loosely down by your right hip.
    2. Execute a left snap kick to the attacker’s groin.
    3. Land down into a left lunge stance at 9:00. Perform a rising right bolo strike to the attacker’s head.
    4. Continue the motion of the right arm and circle into a right thrusting punch to the attacker’s solar plexus.
    5. Perform a right front thrust kick to the attacker’s chest.
    6. Land down into a right neutral bow stance and cross out at 3:00 away from the attacker.

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