Escaping Wings - Escape from armsbeing captured from behind

Note: The attempted hold here involves the attacker grabbing both elbows andpulling them together behind the back...sort of a precursor to a full nelson ora third party trying to immobilize your defense from behind as someone in frontpounds your face.

1. As soon as you feel the grab, execute a rear snapping head-butt to the nose.

2. Pivot forward at the waist and execute a butt-bunk (think a rearward hipthrust when doing a judo toss with your gluteus maximus). For those familiarwith it, this is the same maneuver in
Escaping Ram . While doing the butt-bunk, slide thehands up the back, pushing the elbows upward to pull out of the grip andhopefully catch the attacker with another secondary shot under the chin.

3. Take a slight adjustment step forward with the left foot and execute a rightheel kick to the target of your choice...Solar Plexus is as far north as youwant to go this time of year... (in reality, this step and the next one can beaccomplished on either side, but in the form it is as written).

4. Following the kick, plant the kicking foot (here the right, but for lefties,see previous note) down in a reverse twist stance, pivot to the right neutralbow facing the attacker with a right back knuckle to the nose. As needed, youcould substitute a right outward block for the back fist

5. On the half beat after the back knuckle, pivot into a right lunge with aleft vertical punch to the solar plexus, right hand checking high.