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Thread: IKCA TOM March 2019 Stinging Butterfly

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    Default IKCA TOM March 2019 Stinging Butterfly


    Outside defense against a Right Straight Punch/Jab

    1. As the opponent executes his front hand attack off of his right side(straight punch to the head), defender steps back into right neutral bow with aleft hand parry into a right hand parry-block-grab-pull along with a leftstop/shuttle kick to the attacker's right shin.

    1a. The shuttle kick combined with the p-b-g-p cancels the attacker's heightand depth zones and creates an opening in the midsection.

    2. Execute a hopping right round kick using the shin to the attacker'smidsection, which bends him forward. At this point, release the grab withoutgiving up an opening, drop the right hand to the base of the neck in a handsword, following up with...

    3. ... pivot into a right forward lunge with a left hand sword to the sametarget as the right hand checks below the attacker's face.

    4. Pivot back into right neutral bow with a right ridgehand type strike to theface

    Follow up, blend, borrow, combine or cover out as desired.

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    Default Re: IKCA TOM March 2019 Stinging Butterfly

    There is not a parry-block-grab in this technique, the right hand executes an extended outward block only. Because the nature of the kick combination, the defenderís body is moving on a horizontal plane into the attacker. The shin kick across the pelvic girdle accomplishes the height-width cancellation and positions the head- shoulder area for the hand strikes.

    If the defender grabs the arm and anchors, it puts the right hand out of position for the first strike. The right should move point of origin from block to strike.


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