Fists Of Fury:
Inside Defense Against a Right Punch

1) Drop back into a right neutral bow executing a left rear outward blocksimultaneously with a right inward block (double block)
*Left hand strikes radial nerve right hand strikes biceps

2) Transitioning into a forward lunge execute a right back knuckle strike toattackers right temple immediately followed by a left fore-knuckle strike tothe same target
*right hand continues to travel chambering at right hip while left handchecks for incoming action

3) Transition back into a neutral bow executing a right uppercut punch toattackers left floating rib/solar plexus

4) Left foot steps up the circle as you execute a left back knuckle toattackers left temple
*right hand moves up and chambers for final strike (close to right ear)footwork positions you to use torque for the next strike

5) Pivot, settle, and use the torque in executing a right fore knuckle toattackers left temple - cover out