Quick Kick:

This technique from the black belt list is one of five techniques in the IKCA curriculum that is designed primarily as an offensive technique, sparring technique or counterattack without a specific initial attack ("Attacking Warrior" - in Blue belt, "Rolling Thunder" - in Green belt, "Bonzi Run" - in Brown belt, and "Rear Chicken Kick" - in Black belt being the other four).

1. From right neutral bow, slide your left foot up and under your center of gravity. This should be hidden in your movements leading up to the the technique. In the process, you should end up in a shortened heel-toe alignment stance (as opposed to toe-heel alignment).

2. Execute an abbreviated front foot ball kick to the groin. DO NOT CHAMBER THE KICK. This is a quick movement, directly from the ground, moving up at a 45 degree angle. While executing this kick, slide forward with your left foot close enough to grab your opponent's garment.

3. After making contact with the kick and the predicable response of guard being dropped, grab his right elbow/sleeve/arm ("whatever's clever," as someone once told me) and pull the arm out of the way while executing a left uppercut to his ribs or kidney.

Follow up, finish off, blend, borrow or cover out as desired.