Dragons in a Wedge:
(Defense against a Two-man Attack, Positioned at about 10:30 and 2:30)

Note: All of the IKCA multiple person techniques are preemptive in nature

1. Starting in a natural stance, pivot the hips to about 10:30 into a left lunge stance to face the first attacker and execute a right snapping ball kick to her pubic bone (hey, it doesn't always have to be a guy attacking, right?)

1.5 Without putting your foot down, snap a right rear heel kick to attacker number 2. Targeting depends on how you want to set them up for #4

2. Bring the Right foot down and forward to about 9:30 into a right-rear twist stance with a right back fist to the first attacker's face. This is meant to be done simultaneously.

3. Spin in place counterclockwise to face the second attacker while striking again with a left spinning back fist to attacker 2

4. Finish the technique with a right thrusting front kick to attacker #2

Blend, Borrow, cover out or follow up as desired.