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Thread: July 2017 TOM - Raking Hammer

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    Default July 2017 TOM - Raking Hammer

    Raking Hammer:
    (Inside Defense Against Left Haymaker Punch)

    1) Drop back into a right neutral bow executing a right extended outward block (may prefix with a left inward parry)

    2) Execute a right knuckle rake across the bridge of attackers nose

    3) Push drag forward executing a right hammer fist to attackers groin checking high with left hand.

    4) Transition into a reverse bow buckling attackers left leg with your right leg simultaneously executing a right obscure elbow to attackers descending chin.

    5) Cover out
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    Default Re: July 2017 TOM - Raking Hammer

    Quote Originally Posted by nelson View Post
    An extended block followed up with a hammer fist to the jaw is an oldie but a goodie!
    Yes, but should the initial strike be successful, the rest of the technique is moot because the attacker will instinctively spin/turn to his right removing the follow-up targets from being acquired. The body instinctively moves away from pain or discomfort, and/or "covers" the impacted area.
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