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Thread: January 2007 - Technique of the Month - Snakes of Wisdom

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    Default January 2007 - Technique of the Month - Snakes of Wisdom

    Snakes of Wisdom (Two Man: Flank- Left & Right Shoulder Grabs)
    1. An attacker at 3 o'clock (attacker #1) grabs your right shoulder with their left hand while an attacker at 9 o'clock (attacker #2) grabs your left shoulder with their right hand.

    2. Step your right foot to 6 o'clock into a left neutral bow facing 12 o'clock as you circle both of your arms to claw your attackers' faces. (Your right hand claws attacker #1 while your left hand claws attacker #2.)

    3. Continue to circle your arms in the fashion of Obscure Claws. Step your right foot forward to add back-up mass as you thrust under your attackers' arms to break their elbows. (Your right uppercut breaks attacker #1's left elbow and your left uppercut breaks attacker #2's right elbow.)

    4. Execute a backfist to the ribs of each attacker. (Right backfist to attacker #1 and left backfist to attacker #2.)

    5. Circle both of your hands back, around, and on of your attackers' heads. Execute a left knee strike to your attackers' faces as you simultaneously smash their heads together.

    6. Plant your left foot back to 6 o'clock into a right neutral bow facing 12 o'clock. As you land back, execute push-downs to your attackers' shoulders. (Right push-down to attacker #1's left shoulder; left push-down to attacker #2's right shoulder.)

    7. Have your hands follow the contour of your attackers' legs, traveling down the inner thigh of the leg closest to you. Stop at the ankle and hook both of your attackers' legs. (Right hand to left ankle of attacker #1, left hand to the right ankle of attacker #2.)

    8. Grab your attackers' ankles and jerk them out from under them.

    9. Execute a right front kick to the groin of attacker #2.

    10. Land into a right neutral bow as you execute a left round kick to the sternum of attacker #1.

    11. Execute a left crossover and cross out to 6 o'clock.
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    Default Re: January 2007 - Technique of the Month - Snakes of Wisdom

    This is interesting.

    From this write up, we use most of these steps, but there are a few bigger discrepencies here than what I normally see.

    We do not do Step 4.
    We do not do Step 5, except for the knee strike. With the elbow inversion, we hope to draw the two aggressors' heads togethers, into our upward knee strike.

    In this technique, our hands are under the aggressors arms. We leave them underneath their arms for a groin strike in Step 6 (where you have the shoulder push down). We track down the front of the aggressors' legs to the ankle grab.

    Of course, this technique is very similar to Marriage of the Rams. We execute the end of these two techniques the same. The difference is in Marriage our hands are above their arms, and we need to move them back under their arms - which we do with those funky upward hand ridgehand strikes. From there, we end them the say.

    One more thought - In Step 2 - we execute the outward heel palm claw strikes, but we also try to insert outward elbow strikes to the aggressor's biceps.


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    Default Re: January 2007 - Technique of the Month - Snakes of Wisdom

    We do this one the same way except for two minor things.

    In step 4, instead of a backfist, we use a finger-whip to the groin(s).
    In step 10, we kick to the groin of the second attacker as well.
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