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Thread: March 2006 Principle Of The Month Marriage of Gravity

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    Default March 2006 Principle Of The Month Marriage of Gravity

    Marriage of Gravity or Gravitational Marriage - The uniting of mind, breath and strength while simultaneously dropping your body weight along with the execution of your natural weapon(s). Timing all of these factors with the dropping of your body weight greatly adds to the force of your strikes. This combined action literally causes a marriage with gravity, and makes vertical use of BODY MOMENTUM while employing the dimension of height.
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    Default Re: March 2006 Principle Of The Month Marriage of Gravity

    Marriage of Gravity> movement in height. A drop or settling in the stance as all the elements of a move come together at once (that's the marriage part).

    One of the reasons this is an important element (in my mind any how) is that it is like rooting in some CMA's. It is only for an instant, where they try to remain rooted allways. But it allows you to hit with a solid anchor, or base under you. Like the analogy that it is difficult to push a car without getting a solid grip on the earth with your base/feet, and getting your entire body alligned with the force. It allows you to hit with everything, not just the weapon.

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    Default Re: March 2006 Principle Of The Month Marriage of Gravity

    I always describe this concept as the marriage of gravity and force.

    I had the students doing a drill where they would do a side backknuckle strike on the bag while dropping their weight.

    One student said, "It seems like it would be more forceful to move your weight into the strike" He was surprised to find that dropping down made it work better. He didn't understand it, but it recognized the truth when it hit the bag.

    The power comes from the connection to the ground.

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    Default Re: March 2006 Principle Of The Month Marriage of Gravity

    I always describe it by using Randy Macho-Man Savage coming off the top turnbuckle with a big ole' elbow drop! What brings him down? Gravity! Does it make it hurt more? Darn tootin'!

    ...sorry...I was feeling silly.
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