Hugging Pendulum:
(Front- Right Drag-Up Side Kick)

1. An attacker from 12 o'clock comes at you with a shuffle right side kick(drag step, essentially).

2. From a right neutral bow facing 12 o'clock push drag back to 7:30 staying inyour right neutral bow as you execute a right downward block to the back ofyour attacker's leg. (They will then land stretched out with their back toyou.)

3. Step your left foot to 1:30 into a front crossover as you execute a rightinward middle knuckle rake to your attacker's ribs and a left palm strike toyour attacker's right kidney.

4. Execute a right knife-edge to your attacker's left inner knee to buckle itand cause them to fall.

5. As you land in a right neutral bow facing 1:30, execute a right outwardbackfist to your attacker's right jaw.

6. Shuffle in as you reverse the motion and execute a right inward hooking palmstrike to your attacker's face.

7. Cross out towards 7:30.