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Thread: July 2019 TOM - Gift Of Destiny

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    Default July 2019 TOM - Gift Of Destiny

    1. July 2019 TOM - Gift Of Destiny

    Gift of Destiny (Front-Handshake)
    1. An attacker at 12 o'clock grabs your right hand with their right hand.

    2. Step your right foot to 12 o'clock into a right neutral bow as you simultaneously have your left hand grab your attacker's right wrist. As you grab, execute a right inward elbow to your attacker's solar plexus.

    3. Circle your right hand counterclockwise, contouring along your attacker's fingers with the palm of your hand. [Your fingers are up, thumb down.] Grab your attacker's fingers.

    4. Step your right foot to 6 o'clock into a left neutral bow facing 12 o'clock as you turn your right hand clockwise, twisting your attacker's wrist palm up.At the same time, turn your left hand counter clockwise using your attacker's wrist as a pivot point. At the completion of your right hand twist, reach further around your attacker' wrist with your left hand to twist your attacker's wrist further. As you settle into this, release your right hand and return it to chamber. End result, your attacker will be bent over, their palmup, fingers high, the stress locking their arm out.

    5. Execute a right palm strike to 1:30 to the back of your attacker's rightwrist to break their wrist.

    6. Execute a right front kick to your attacker's solar plexus.

    7. Plant your right foot back to 6 o'clock and cross out to 4:30.

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    Default Re: July 2019 TOM - Gift Of Destiny

    I always felt this was the very smallest technique in the Kenpo curriculum. The meat of the technique takes place at the finger tips. The elbow(s), palm strike and kick are just extras. Get your hands right, first.

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