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Thread: February 2019 - TOM - Twirling Hammers

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    Default February 2019 - TOM - Twirling Hammers

    Twirling Hammers (Front- Left Step-Through Punch)
    1. An attacker at 12 o'clock comes at you with a left step-through punch.

    2. From a left neutral bow facing 12 o'clock, shift your left foot overslightly to the right toward 1:30 and pivot into a left front rotating twiststance as you execute a left extended outward block to the outside of yourattacker's left elbow.

    3. Step your right foot to 1:30 into a right neutral bow as you execute a rightlooping overhead backfist (hooking back and toward you) to your attacker'sright jaw. (Your left block is still checking at this point).

    4. Continue the looping action of your backfist to become a right pressingcheck to your attacker's left arm as you simultaneously execute a left inwardhorizontal elbow strike to your attacker's left ribs.

    5. Without hesitation, switch your left elbow back to a check (hooking overyour attacker's left arm with your wrist and your palm up). Simultaneouslyexecute a right inward hammerfist diagonally and down to strike your attacker'sleft kidney.

    6. Step your right foot to 4:30 into a left forward bow as you circle yourright hand under and around to countergrab your attacker's right wrist and jerkyour attacker off balance.

    7. Execute a right thrusting sweep kick to the shin of your attacker's rightleg as you execute simultaneously execute a right vertical punch to yourattacker's face with a left palm strike to the back of your attacker's head tosandwich them.

    8. Land back into a left neutral bow as you execute a left inward claw to yourattacker's face. Immediately snake your left hand around (toward you) and intothe front of your attacker's face, and maintaining your right hand as a check,step out with your right foot to 4:30 as you unwind into a left reverse step throughto a right neutral bow execute a left outward claw followed by a righttwo-finger poke to his left eye as your left hand drops to become a check inthe neutral zone.

    9. Execute a right front crossover and cross out to 6 o'clock.

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    Default Re: February 2019 - TOM - Twirling Hammers

    Pull, Pull, Pull, Little Buckaroo.

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