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Thread: Hands of Jade

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenpoChanger View Post
    Old school elbow sandwiches are generally bad motion; so, rather than extending both limbs in some awkward way, the lead hand should be releasing as you perform the elbow with the other. Even in this tech I would be clipping him on the opposite side of the jaw with my left heel palm, just before the elbow. Doing it at the same time is just plain weird.
    I don't know, I'm with Dan. If my opponent ends up on the ground quivering with a broken jaw or two, I'm gonna have to call it good motion.

    But, generally, I am more concerned with effect than motion. After all form follows function.

    Al Tracy was asked in a seminar, "How important are stances in your techniques?" His answer..."Stances are only important when they're wrong." There's a lot of answer in there.

    "I consider that the spiritual life is the life of man's real self, the life of that interior self whose flame is so often allowed to be smothered under the ashes of anxiety and futile concern." - Thomas Merton

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