EPAKS Yellow Belt Manual (21 of 48 pages)


I appreciate everyone's response to the information being released
(specifically the belt manual). Although the information contained is
invaluable to the study of American Kenpo, please understand that this, like
most all writings, are subject to typographical errors.

This material was in the final editing stages at the time of my fathers passing.
It is possible to find typos in reference to such things as directions of
movement, weapons used or selected targets. This material should be used as
a resource, not your primary means of study in the Art. Seek out
knowledgeable instruction to ensure proper understanding of the material.
This material is for personal reference and historical purposes only, and not
intended for resale.


Ed Parker Jr.

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4. DEFLECTING HAMMER (front - right front thrust kick)

  1. Standing naturally, step back with your left foot toward 7:30 into a right neutral bow stance (to move out of your opponent's Line of Attack), as you simultaneously execute a right outside downward diagonal block against the outside of your opponent's right kicking leg. Be sure to have your left hand check at your solar plexus during your block. (Your opponent's body should turn slightly to his left when your block is properly executed. Your block should, additionally, turn your opponent`s width, and cause injury to his leg.)
  2. Without hesitation, and while still in your right neutral bow, shuffle forward "with" a left sliding check down and onto your opponent's right elbow. (Make sure your left hand checks your opponent`s forward momentum as well as the width of his upper body.) At the same time, your right hand and arm continue to circle, and will re-orbit (just as you conclude your forward shuffle) into an inward horizontal elbow strike to your opponent's face. ( Your action should cause your opponent's head to snap back, and possibly drop him to the ground.)
  3. Just as you conclude your forward shuffle, execute a left sliding check down and onto your opponent's right elbow simultaneously "with" a right inward horizontal elbow strike to your opponent's face. The body momentum obtained from your shuffle, coupled with the forward momentum of your opponent's reaction, not only adds to the effects of borrowed force, but thoroughly checks your opponent's depth zone as well. (The effects of both action should cause your opponent's head to snap back and possibly have your opponent drop to the ground.)

5. CAPTURED TWIGS (rear - bear hug with arms pinned)

  1. Standing naturally, with your opponent's arms around your arms, step to 9 o'clock with your left foot into a horse stance (while looking over your right shoulder), and simultaneously pin your opponent's hands to your body with your left hand. Just as your weight settles into your horse stance, execute a right back hammerfist strike to your opponent's groin. (This action should cause your opponent to bend forward at the waist, and possibly release his grasp.)
  2. Immediately slide your right foot into a right cat stance (turning 90 degrees while facing 3 o'clock) as your left hand releases the pin, clears your opponent's right arm, and covers in front of your face as a positional check. Simultaneously with the action of your left arm have your right hand cover your groin, and proceed to clear your opponent's left arm.
  3. Execute a right heel stomp kick to your opponent's left instep, causing your opponent to bend forward even further.
  4. Slide your right foot back toward 3:00 into a horse stance. Immediately have your right forearm CONTOUR (track) up the middle of your opponent's body as you execute a right vertical obscure elbow strike to the underside of your opponent's chin. Have your right arm snap back after the strike, and cover your groin. (Your opponent's head should have been popped up and back, and his body may also spin away from you if done properly.)

Ed Parker Sr. Memories
Archived with the permission of Ed Parker Jr.
Ed Parker Sr. was the founder of the art known today as American Kenpo.
In these files, Ed Parker Jr. shares his fathers unpublished notes and other memories with us.