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    suffixing of all your techniques and try to advance them
    to new coordination levels that fit you. You will learn to fill Dead
    Space during your Sequential Flow of action, by inserting other Words

    of Motion. This should teach you to construct more sophisticated
    Sentences and Paragraphs of motion. Sophistication requires review.
    Dedicate many hours working your Orange and Purple Belt techniques.
    Analyze them from Three Points of View. Refine their themes by
    continually drilling the principles contained in each move. Once you
    feel the effectiveness of each IDEAL PHASE, practice the SECOND and
    THIRD PHASES of each technique.
    Learn to combine realism with effective self-defense methods. Get
    into the spirit of the technique and encourage your partner to get
    into the spirit of the attack. Grasp the principles associated with
    each move, and learn to tailor them to your own distinctive
    capabilities. As you learn to tailor, you learn to become innovative.
    As variables become routine, appropriate responses become second
    nature and spontaneous. Such responses may be necessary in the street
    where a surprise attack may delay your ability to examine all of the
    possible options. Only instinctive responses, developed through
    logical training methods and conditioning, provide the proper transfer
    of knowledge required in these situations. Logic as it applies to the
    times is your key to success.


    "Power" is one of the key ingredients in your development toward
    Third Degree Brown Belt. If you have trained regularly and
    intelligently, and have followed the guidelines of the preceding
    journals, generating power at this level should come easily to you.
    Through the gradual stages of coordination, fluidity, and speed you
    should now be at a level where you can "concentrate" as well as
    "synchronize" your body, mind, and breath. Always remember, "Flow
    first, power later". Following this introduction, there is a section
    on power which contains a wealth of information. Scrutinize it
    Remember that it is not the aim of Kenpo to merely produce a
    skillful as well as powerful practitioner, but to create a well
    integrated student respectful of all. The superconscious self is like
    a genie within you who, when called upon, performs beyond the limits
    placed upon your natural or normal self. This "power" may be used for
    the benefit or destruction of yourself and/or others. Always use
    discretion when expending power.
    As a Brown Belt you will have reached an advanced stage of

    Ed Parker Sr. Memories
    Archived with the permission of Ed Parker Jr.
    Ed Parker Sr. was the founder of the art known today as American Kenpo.
    In these files, Ed Parker Jr. shares his fathers unpublished notes and other memories with us.

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