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    "Speed" is one of the key ingredients in your development toward
    Green Belt. Mr. Parker's quote, "He who hesitates meditates in
    horizontal position." is an indication of how speed can work for or
    against you. The quote, "To beat action, meet action." confirms the
    merits of the use of speed. It is important, therefore, that speed be
    stressed in all of the Green Belt material. While the Purple Belt
    material required developing coordination on both left and right
    sides, and the Blue Belt stressed fluidity and continuity of motion;
    the Green Belt material capitalizes on speed. Following this
    introduction there is a section on speed which contains a wealth of
    information that you should scrutinize.
    Remember! Do not be enticed to advance your study of the art
    prematurely. When you learn a new idea, you are responsible for
    developing it to an acceptable level before graduating to another
    plateau of learning. The amount of time and work you put into it is up
    to you, but the results must satisfy the standards. Therefore,
    practice with understanding. Know the how, what, and why of what you
    Learning Kenpo at this stage should be easy for you. It is the
    proper application of Kenpo that requires more dedicated effort on
    your part. You must develop a positive and unconquerable attitude,
    become more persistent, constantly aware of detail, more flexible,
    quicker, stronger, more intense, as well as assert greater control of
    your emotions. You must be realistic in your approach, and be able to
    apply your art with maximum effectiveness.
    Your basics should reflect your basic understanding of the
    concepts and principles of technique movement. Mentally, physically,
    and emotionally your actions should be Directionally Harmonized. When
    executing your Forms, you should move with speed and clarity of
    motion. There should be no "mumbled motion". Your attitude should be
    confident and inspiring.
    When Freestyling apply your moves with continuity and speed.
    Internalized with a positive and unconquerable attitude, you should be
    able to destroy your opponent's foundation and confidence with
    intimidating ease. Periodically re-examine your basics. Do not take
    them for granted. Review the topics that comprise your Eight
    Considerations. Analyze, understand, and apply them when sparring.
    Develop solutions to sparring situations against multiple attackers.
    Similar to your Blue Belt material, major emphasis will be
    attached to self-defense techniques. Add your Green Belt Techniques
    into your Web of Knowledge, and Family Groupings. Additionally, re-examine the

    Ed Parker Sr. Memories
    Archived with the permission of Ed Parker Jr.
    Ed Parker Sr. was the founder of the art known today as American Kenpo.
    In these files, Ed Parker Jr. shares his fathers unpublished notes and other memories with us.

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