Whether using the hands or the feet the basic methods of blocking
once again are: striking, parrying, positioned, pinning, and
specialized. Carefully consider the above factors that determine which
method of blocking you may need in any given situation. (1) Look at
all the natural weapons that you can employ and determine which method
would normally be most appropriate. (2) Ask yourself which weapons
will produce what degree of force when executed in a particular
method. (3) What rhythmic timing can you employ and what are their
benefits? (4) How will the target you have chosen effect your choice
of natural weapons, desired force, and timing? (5) What are the
various effects you may desire to render on any given opponent? (6)
Having thoroughly studied the above factors you must now study the
Universal Pattern to examine all the possible angles or paths your
weapon may travel. (7) How will your environment effect your choice of
natural weapon? (8) Range? (9) Relative Positions of you and your
opponent? (10) Necessary and/or possible maneuvers?

These blocks may be executed: under, over, inside, outside,
inside and outside, over and under your opponent's weapon(s). Please
investigate the many possibilities of how your arms and/or legs may
block your opponent's arms and/or legs. Additionally investigate why
you might select to defend on the inside rather than the outside,
under versus over, etc.

and why you might choose one versus the other

Why you might choose your legs versus your arms or vice-versa


Most people are totally oblivious of danger. Others disregard
danger, convinced that danger will never be a part of their life.
However, whatever your attitude might be, be realistic and ACCEPT the
fact that impending dangers do exist, and consider them seriously.
Once you ACCEPT the existence of these impending dangers, and realize
that logical measures of prevention can help to avoid them, you have
inherently armed yourself with a prime weapon against attack.
You must then create the DESIRE to do something about it, have the
CONVICTION to begin your study of preventive measures, and instill the
WILL POWER to see your desire to completion.
Whatever the attitude so is the response. When in or out of class
treat your fellow students with respect. Belittle no one, encourage
all, and become an inspiring example. Develop positive attitudes at

Ed Parker Sr. Memories
Archived with the permission of Ed Parker Jr.
Ed Parker Sr. was the founder of the art known today as American Kenpo.
In these files, Ed Parker Jr. shares his fathers unpublished notes and other memories with us.