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    20. DISTANCE -- can become an ally or an enemy. It is a crucial
    factor second only to environment. Success or failure during combat is
    often determined by your ability to close or create distance between
    you and your opponent. The distance that enables you or an opponent to
    effectively initiate or defend against an attack is known as the
    critical distance. Working within the realm of your critical distance
    requires effective body and foot maneuvers synchronized with the
    varied methods blocking and striking to insure success. Distance: can
    safely keep you out of reach; can be closed to jam or check an
    opponent's natural weapons; determines the use of long, medium or
    short range natural weapons; can be regulated through the utilization
    of the concepts of transition, body momentum and gravitational
    marriage; and is assured when employing the concept of cover.

    21. COVER -- this is a form of transition that leads you back to a
    position of combat readiness. It is an evasive transition that checks
    your opponent's action and places you in a preparatory position to
    once again defend or attack. Other plus factors: assures you a safe
    distance; insures against vulnerability; is a safeguard against
    injury; keeps you in readiness for another attack against the same
    individual or other who might also be involved; and is a good habit to

    The aforementioned concepts and principles were examples of what
    lies ahead. They were discussed to demonstrate how one basic concept
    or principle can chronologically trigger another. When such a chain
    reaction of concepts and principles occurs, it not only adds to the
    continuous flow of uninterrupted action, but residually helps to
    maximize all efforts.
    We cannot overemphasize the value of concepts and principles. As
    your experience, knowledge, and understanding of principles increases,
    you will discover, as we have, that they become technical tools that
    help refine your movements. Technical refinement is the key that
    elevates you from being a salesman of motion, to being a mechanic of
    motion, and finally to an engineer of motion. You will also learn that
    an in depth study of these concepts and principles will also make you
    aware of the importance of TAILORING concepts and principles to the
    needs of each individual.

    Ed Parker Sr. Memories
    Archived with the permission of Ed Parker Jr.
    Ed Parker Sr. was the founder of the art known today as American Kenpo.
    In these files, Ed Parker Jr. shares his fathers unpublished notes and other memories with us.

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    Ah, so cover is a check.

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    Good info!

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