11. TELEGRAPHING -- can be used as a form a deceptive timing to
disrupt your opponent's thought patterns. It is also a form of body
language which can work against you. This of course would depend upon
your conscious or unconscious involvement. Aspects to be aware of: do
not notify your opponent of your intentions, such as looking at the
spot you intent to hit, cocking your movements prematurely, displaying
telltale facial expressions, body gestures, footwork, etc; and
intentional telegraphing as part of your deception is permissable --
deliberate angle deception can work in your favor.

12. COORDINATION -- this process involves the synchronization of body
(strength), mind, and breath so that they react harmoniously and
instinctively. It often entails not one move, but a series of moves in
a precise time slot. In summation coordination entails: movements
brought into unison to accomplish a set goal; and the synchronization
of your moves with the moves, timing and direction of your opponent to
enhance your defense or offense.

13. FOCUS -- is the concentration of mind, body, breath and strength
culminating at the exact same instant when blocking or striking a
specific target. The following could be said about focus: while
coordination is the synchronization of mind, body, breath and
strength, focus is concentration of the same force; through
coordinated synchronization and focused concentration power is
generated; the greater the concentration of focus, the greater the
power; and true focus involves concentration of the entire body and
not just the point where the natural weapon and target.

14. POWER -- is the magnification of force aided by concentrated
focus. It's capacity is proportionate to the physical strength, force,
or energy exerted. In terms of power: allow speed to accompany the
focusing of your strength; never prematurely tense for it retards
power; regulate your power to the situation -- never overuse it; and
use discretion when you are employing power -- in the process of
utilizing it, do not allow it to cause injury to you.

15. TORQUE -- is a preliminary stage of focus that adds to power. It
is the utilization of rotating force to position the muscles to allow
for ease of movement, extension, body flow and increased power. This
twisting force aids in the development of in place body momentum by
actively engaging various body parts at different levels and time
intervals. For example, while you are punching, the foot rotates
before the hips. The hips in rotate with the shoulders. The fist
rotates simultaneously with the hips and shoulders, but is slightly
ahead of the elbow. Thus, torque comes not only at different levels
and time intervals, but at various speeds as well. Torque: is a
necessary step contributing to power; takes place at several positions
on the body to complete the action -- involves relayed body action;
derives power from a series of rotating body parts; can be combined
with other forces that help to create power -- gravitational marriage
and body momentum; may alter the effectiveness of your strikes at
various depth levels; and must be executed with vigor and speed.

Ed Parker Sr. Memories
Archived with the permission of Ed Parker Jr.
Ed Parker Sr. was the founder of the art known today as American Kenpo.
In these files, Ed Parker Jr. shares his fathers unpublished notes and other memories with us.