Ed Parker Sr. Memories
SGM Parker Unreleased Encyclopedia Of Kenpo Notes - Misc. part I

I am not sure the origin of this as I found this at the end of 10 blank pages on the same file called EP Q & T in my notes by my father.

COLLAPSING ORBIT - given that there may already be forward and rotational momentum as well as gravitational marriage, the inward looping overhead elbow gains its own special sort of power through the build up of centrifugal force of the arm accelerating for one third of a circle. At that point, called the point of tangencyś, the elbow collapses downward on a linear plane. Borrowing that energy built up thus far and coupling it with the anchoring concept, the strong pulling muscle of the biceps pulls the elbow down at an even greater velocity.
COMPLIMENTARY WEAPON - is a natural weapon that is employed either just before or just after another natural weapon of the same body part, such as a palm heel preceding a claw of the same hand. CONTINUOUS FLOWING CHECKS
COORDINATED INDEPENDENCE - The process in which two or more body parts perform functions independent of one another, but work toward a common goal.
DIRECTIVE PRESSURE - After an opponent has been restrained, tell him what you want him to do by talking to him while using he pressure of your restraining hold.
GHOSTING EFFECT - The fading image that is left by a strike if focus did not occur at the point of impact.
LAUNCHING EFFECT -is the pushing against one body part to create thrust to act as back-up-mass for a strike in the opposite direction.
MILKING - Whereas it is good to know the concept of relaxation during movement and tensing during impact, the beginner often finds himself constantly opening and closing his hands which resembles milking a cow. This is not good unless done for a specific reason.
PREFERENTIAL TECHNIQUE - All of the strikes and movements in Kenpo must be learned to have a good vocabulary of motion, but some times during the heat of the battle you'll find yourself using a strike or technique that you are more comfortable with.
POINT OF TANGENCY - That point at which a body part changes from linear to circular or vice-versa. tangent in the direction of the step during a double cover out
STRAIGHT-LINING - The "feeling" you get through a series of body parts that all end in a straight line and therefore strong.
"T" CONCEPT - To cross out from two or more opponents, draw an imaginary line between the two outermost persons and cross out at an angle perpendicular to it and ending equal distance from those opponent's.
TARGET RESTRAINTS - is a method of controlling the opponent's movements or positions to maximize the effect of your strikes by using your weapon to place him in a precarious position by holding him with the weapon on a given target. (Same idea as lockout strikes.)
WHIPLASH EFFECT - The striking of a body part to create a whipping effect of another body part such as a strike to the kidneys to whip the head back for a strike from behind. Another term for this would be "reactionary set-up".

Ed Parker Sr. Memories
Archived with the permission of Ed Parker Jr.
Ed Parker Sr. was the founder of the art known today as American Kenpo.
In these files, Ed Parker Jr. shares his fathers unpublished notes and other memories with us.