Ed Parker Sr. Memories
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REELING - Allowing slack to occur between you and your opponent who is being grabbed before he has strategically been pulled in. It is a form of deception which momentarily allows an opponent slack before the intended action occurs.
RESTRAIN - To check, control, and restrict an opponent from taking further action.
ROLL OUTS - Anticipated moves that occur after your strikes are blocked. For example, when your straight punch is blocked, you can instantly roll your forearm onto his forearm to act as a check prior to executing a back knuckle strike to his temple. Your rolling action can follow a number of paths - up, down, around, under, over, etc. Refer to STRIKING SET #1 which offers many examples of ROLL OUTS.
ROTATING AXIS - A center or pivot point which is used to revolve around or to spin from.
SECONDARY ACTION - A move that has substance, but is not considered to be your PRIMARY ACTION.
SET(S) - SETS, like FORMS, are offensive and defensive movements incorporated into dance-like routines. While FORMS are skeletal structures of self-defense, SETS are basics in motion. The purpose of SETS is for the development of basic principles and skills. SETS (Stance, (Coordination, Blocking, Finger, Kicking, etc.) are considered appendices since they are supplementary catalogues of motion that add to the specifics as well as general knowledge of a Kenpo student.
SLIDING DEPTH - A term used when you are applying a club that requires executing a front crossover while you are retreating to enhance body momentum as well as have the club make contact at the right depth. This method of execution prevents your club from jamming and allows the most effective section of the club to make contact.
SPRAIN - The twisting and wrenching of an opponent's joint which in turn stretches and tears his ligaments.
STAGES OF TECHNIQUES - A method of teaching self-defense techniques in progressive stages where each stage, when repeated, link additional principles śto further one's knowledge of the underlying technicalities that exist. Sophistication is the end result of this method of instruction.
"T" CONCEPT - That point of cover that places you at equal distance from two attackers once you have countered and covered out from them. If you were to draw a straight line between your two attackers and a second line from your concluding position to the midpoint between them, you would form the letter "T".
TRACKING VERSUS GUIDELINING - TRACKING follows a line of action, whereas GUIDELINING follows a path of action.
Ed Parker Sr. Memories
Archived with the permission of Ed Parker Jr.
Ed Parker Sr. was the founder of the art known today as American Kenpo.
In these files, Ed Parker Jr. shares his fathers unpublished notes and other memories with us.