Ed Parker Sr. Memories
SGM Parker Unreleased Encyclopedia Of Kenpo Notes - Part II -
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HUMAN BLOCKADE - The strategic positioning of an opponent as a blockade to prevent his partners from having easy access to you.
INSERT(S) - (To be added to the present.) While the term INSERT is a method of COMPOUNDING, it is mainly used defensively, where
COMPOUNDING is primarily associated with offense. Is a form of COMPOUNDING that is used primarily for defense.

ISOLATING A MOVE - Taking a particular move out of a sequence of movements and practicing it œindependently to analyze the principles involved meticulously.
ISOLATED TECHNIQUES - Segments out of a technique, or a specific technique sequence œtaken from a graftedœ series of techniques which allows one the opportunity to analyze these moves closely.
KENPO SENSE - Use of good old common logic or horse sense.
LINEAR ADJUSTMENT - Like an Orbital Adjustment except that the action continues to follow a line of action although it converts into a path of action.
LINEAR PARALLELS - The alternate use of limbs or clubs that parallel each other when you are following linear paths that avoid colliding with each other.
NIPPING THE TIP - A compounding action that includes striking the tip of the penis during its travel.
OPEN END TRIANGLE - The crossing of your arms, clubs, knives, or weapon and natural weapon, the formation of which patterns an open end triangleœ that can be strategically used to trap or check your opponent's action.
OPPOSITIONAL ENHANCEMENT - This principle involves the action of one move going in one direction contributing to the action of another move simultaneously traveling in the opposite direction. See GRAVITATIONAL REBOUND.
Ed Parker Sr. Memories
Archived with the permission of Ed Parker Jr.
Ed Parker Sr. was the founder of the art known today as American Kenpo.
In these files, Ed Parker Jr. shares his fathers unpublished notes and other memories with us.