Ed Parker Sr. Memories
More notes part 6 / SGM Parker Unreleased Encyclopedia Of Kenpo Notes - Part I

These were to be apart of the Encyclopedia of Kenpo.

CONTACT MANIPULATION - is the fourth stage of the FOUR STAGES OF RANGE. It entails the orchestration of control, once contact is made, to contour, leverage, twist, sprain, lock, choke, restrain, dislocate, break, fracture, strikedown, takedown (groundwork), etc. Such moves help to increase the effectiveness of your action on an opponent who my be standing with you, on the ground with you, or in any other combination of positions and postures you may both be in. These same techniques, postures, or positions could be used to cause greater damage or injury to you as well. Therefore, make every effort to be the victor. ”To be looked over and added to THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF KENPO.
CONTOUR JAMMING - Methods of contouring the body to prevent retaliatory action from occurring. For example your hands or the surface of your limbs can be used to contour large surface areas of your opponent's body. While traveling from one point to another, contact is kept constant to disallow your opponent from taking action. With his limbs and body continually kept in check, it is difficult for your opponent to strike back.
CUTTING THE CIRCLE - Refers to a specific method of executing a club strike (or natural weapon). It involves, (1) following a circular path then, (2) while halfway through, having your club follow a linear path as you proceed to strike your target. Applying this method not only enhances economy of motion, but greatly adds to the speed and force of your action.
DIAGONAL LEVERAGING - Refers to specific methods using a club on another club, or a club on an opponent's body to fulcrum your action thus giving it greater leverage when it is executed diagonally.
DIRECTIONAL GRAFTING - The combined use of segments from various techniques which when linked all follow the same direction.
DIRECTIONAL HARMONY VIA PATH OF MOTION - The principle that directional harmony śnot only follows a line of action, but a path of action as well.
DISHARMONY OF DIRECTION - The concept that splitting your action into several directions diminishes śyour force when you are striking. See DISHARMONY OF FORCE.
DISLOCATE - The disengaging and separating of joints.
DISTANCE OF TRAVEL - Moves which maintain the proper depth in securing maximum force and results.
EVALUATION SESSIONS - Class sessions that allow students the opportunity to critic other class members as they take turns doing the moves or techniques.
FEED THE CIRCLE - This principle involves going into a circular path of a roundhouse punch, a roundhouse club attack, etc. where for the moment, there is calm - a void of action.
FRAMING - (To be added to.) Like ANGLE MATCHING, but associated with defense in self-defense techniques.
GAUGING ANGLE - the calculation of postural positioning of limbs and body to obtain ideal and effective distances whether defending or attacking. See UP THE CIRCLE.
GRAVITATIONAL REBOUND - The simultaneous use of gravity to enhance śor boost your strike traveling in the opposite direction.
GUIDELINING verses TRACKING - GUIDELINING follows a path of action, where TRACKING follows a line of action.
Ed Parker Sr. Memories
Archived with the permission of Ed Parker Jr.
Ed Parker Sr. was the founder of the art known today as American Kenpo.
In these files, Ed Parker Jr. shares his fathers unpublished notes and other memories with us.