Ed Parker Sr. Memories
More of my notes from my father part 5

From his knife terminology

BLADE TO BLADE - This term describes the Kenpo method used when employing two knives. The principle learned is that when two knives are used to defend or attack with, they cross each other - BLADE TO BLADE. To have either of the knives cross any of your body parts could prove disastrous.
BLEED IN - the blending or grafting of moves and techniques.
BRAKING - A concept that is discouraged when you are blocking or striking. œThis concept is best explained by the statement, "When skin kisses skin tension begins." Students are taught not to prematurely tense their moves prior to contacting a target. Such action slows one down and literally puts the brakesœ on prior to contact. As a result the force of the move is proportionately reduced. To overcome brakingœ, students are encouraged to strike throughœ and not toœ a target. To state a quote, "No skid marks prior to contact." In other words it is the target that brakes œor stops œyour action. Premature tensing does not help.
CALENDAR WATCHERS - Those inactive Martial Artists who observe the calendar on a regular basis to determine when their next rank is due
gratuitously. See RANK INFLATION.

CENTRIFUGAL HARMONY - Refers to the simultaneous execution of your limbs, and natural weapons while effectively rotating your body so that all of your weight and force flows in the same direction.
CIRCULAR GRAFTING - are grafted techniques that follow a circular path during execution. As each move or set of moves are selected out of their respective techniques they are blended and harmonized to follow a circular path around the opponent.
CIRCULAR PARALLELS - This principle applies to body limbs as well as clubs when you are employing circular moves. When two limbs, or clubs are simultaneously used, traveling in opposite directions, the circular action of both should closely parallel each other while avoiding collision. Such action shortens the time of delivery, adds to economy of motion and, surprisingly, renders greater force.
COMPLETED PATHS OF TRAVEL - The completion of one action before continuing with another. Such action excludes overturning, includes directional harmony œ(that insures maximum power), and places you in proper position to activate your next follow up with greater ease.
COMPOUND(ING) - (To be added to present definition.) Refers to moves that are primarily used for offense. Like an INSERT, but associated with offense.
CONCEPTUAL SHADES - Concepts are not always clear cut, or cut and dry. They often blend with others thus causing various levels, degrees, and shades of concepts. Each shade deepens your perspective on specific subjects thus broadening your understanding of what really exists. (Write more.)

Ed Parker Sr. Memories
Archived with the permission of Ed Parker Jr.
Ed Parker Sr. was the founder of the art known today as American Kenpo.
In these files, Ed Parker Jr. shares his fathers unpublished notes and other memories with us.