KAJUKENBO: The Original Mixed Martial Art

This is the most comprehensive book that has ever been written on the American martial art called, Kajukenbo. This book is the result of over 20 years of research, and numerous interviews with many of the early pioneers of this art, including four of the founders.
It is a full size (8 ½ “ X 11”) soft cover book with 243 pages, 17 chapters, over 32,000 words, and 650 photos
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Chapter 1 Sijo Adriano D. Emperado
Chapter 2 Kajukenbo History
Chapter 3 The Branches
Chapter 4 Kajukenbo Basic Techniques and Training
Chapter 5 Rapid Fire Hand Strikes
Chapter 6 Kicks, Knees, Sweeps, Stomps
Chapter 7 Break Holds
Chapter 8 Punch Defenses
Chapter 9 Club Defenses
Chapter 10 Facing The Blade
Chapter 11 Multiple Attackers
Chapter 12 Emperado’s Advanced Alphabet Techniques
Chapter 13 Gun Encounters
Chapter 14 Kajukenbo and Women
Chapter 15 Kajukenbo and Kids
Chapter 16 Who’s Who In Kajukenbo
Chapter 17 The Kajukenbo Ohana (photo gallery)