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Thread: The Passion of Fear - Part 2 of 5

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    Default The Passion of Fear - Part 2 of 5

    The Passion of Fear
    by Kaith Rustaz

    The Jedi Fear, Fear. They teach that one should train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose. That Fear leads to the Dark Side. They say this, as if fear in of itself, is an evil thing.

    Fear is fear. The Jedi teach the suppression of emotion. A Sith will instead, master emotion.

    Fear is normal, a natural thing. All creatures know fear.

    "Fear leads to Anger"

    This is both true, and not true.

    Fear leads to many things. Mastered and focused, it can lead to anger, which can energize you and empower you. If fear however masters you, it leads not to anger, but paralysis.

    Many times in life you will face fear. You will be afraid.

    If you allow your fear to win, you will be defeated.

    Master it, and you will be the victor.

    Through out history men have gone to war. Only the defective have not faced fear. It is normal to be afraid, when ones life is at risk. This fear is normal, it is natural, it is part of what makes us alive.

    Allowing the fear to take hold of you while in a fight, will freeze you. It will cause you to hesitate, to pause. This hesitation can allow your opponent to defeat you.

    Many situations in life will cause you to feel fear. A dark alley, a vehicle that cuts you off, a rickety ladder, and hundreds of other situations. Every day, fear will be around you. It is normal to feel fear.

    The key is to master the fear, to feel the fear, and then let it motivate you to action, not freeze you into inaction. Feel the fear, be strengthened by it, and then do it anyway!

    Ignoring fear, pretending it doesn't exist, is not natural. Suppression of emotion is suppression of self. When self is suppressed, one can never truly achieve greatness.

    Fear is seen by the unenlightened as something to avoid, something to ironically fear. But fear is a natural reaction, one that is ingrained in us all. To ignore it, to suppress it, is to ignore and suppress our natural senses, and in effect, our self.

    The path of the Dark Side is the path of mastery of ones self.

    Feel the fear, let it power you through anger, and give you victory over that which you fear the most.

    Bob Hubbard also known on various on-line forums as "Silent" Bob, "Kaith Rustaz" and just "Kaith", is a long time sci-fi fan. Currently head of the I.K.V. Devisior, an independent science fiction, anime and fantasy fan club, he has held positions with numerous other groups. He has organized activities at Media Play and Barnes & Nobel, worked con security, participated in club challenges for charities, and participated in masquerades, art shows and model shows at several Toronto conventions.
    You can reach Bob at his website,

    2007 Bob Hubbard - Copies of this article are free to distribute, provided all text is retained intact.
    For ANY and ALL KenpoTalk issues, please use theContact Us link here or at page bottom right. Do NOT PM me for site support.

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    Default Re: The Passion of Fear - Part 2 of 5

    This is very high level Bob.

    Dr. John M. La Tourrette

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    Default Re: The Passion of Fear - Part 2 of 5

    Heavyweight Boxing Champ Muhammad Ali once said that he entered a ring he was scared until he got hit, then he became angry.

    Kenpo Gary
    "The heart of the Kenpo System has always been practical-effective- Self Defense Techniques." Al Tracy

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    Default Re: The Passion of Fear - Part 2 of 5

    An entertaining read.
    Oh my dear Doctor, you have been naive! I am The Master.
    I am The Master, Lord of Time!
    I am The Master, and you, you will obey me.
    Who in the whole galaxy is not my inferior? There is not one creature!

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