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    Default Random Thoughts

    (Originally posted at MartialTalk 2005)

    No one can make you "feel bad". You allow them to do so. Without your permission, they cannot make you "feel bad".

    No one can make you "do stuff". You do it on your own.

    Always a choice we have. We can make it, or we can not make it and allow others to choose for us.

    Right or Wrong, it is better to make your own decisions, for that is the only way you keep control.

    I often hear "my friends made me mad". Why? Are you angry at them for being in control of your feelings, or angry at yourself for giving them control over you? Take back conrtol of your feelings, understand "why" you feel the way you do, and then refuse to allow them access to those feelings.

    "Your mothers a whore!"
    How does that make you feel? Angry? Mad? Willing to fight?
    Is it true?
    If it is, being angry/mad at me for stating the truth won't change that truth. Fighting me over it also won't change that truth.

    Is it false?
    If it is, then what will fighting solve? It won't remove the statement.
    Did it make you angry to hear me say something false? Why? Don't you and those that matter know the truth? Why do you give me power over you by allowing yourself to -react- to my words?
    State it is false. The burden of proof is on me.
    State it is false, and let it go. This -response- removes my power over you.

    Your destiny is in your hands. Only you can reach for it, only you can stretch for it, only you...can reach it. Only you, can drop it. It is not anyone elses fault but yours, if you fail, or succeed.

    "I cant afford it". Do it anyway.
    "I dont know how." Do it anyway.
    "I cant get there". Do it anyway.

    When the excuses stop, the way will be lit. We make thousands of excuses every day on why we can't. Isn't it about time, we just did what we have to do, to do it?

    Want to dance? Dance. Draw? Then Draw. Sing? So sing!
    So what if you look goofy, make scribbles and break glass?
    You'll get better in time.
    You'll find the people who can help you reach new levels.
    You'll figure out how to afford it.

    The saddest story, is the story of those who never tried. They die, and we never know the magic they could have made.

    Spread your wings and Fly!
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    Default Re: Random Thoughts

    Some interesting points Mr. Hubbard. I find my best days are when I decide that the actions of others have no bearing on my happiness or state of mind.

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    Default Re: Random Thoughts

    You've been reading some inspirations stuff lately my friend.

    Good for you!

    Your Brother (who choses to feel Great right now, regardless)
    ((if you use "FaceBook", look me up there by name))
    "Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted"
    ~ David Bly

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    Default Re: Random Thoughts

    [quote=Bob Hubbard;"I cant afford it". Do it anyway.
    "I dont know how." Do it anyway.
    "I cant get there". Do it anyway.[/quote]

    You are pointing out the psychological differences between 2 of the 52 meta-programs, "reactive" and "proactive".

    The good news is, the reactive person can be reframed instantly in many cases by just asking the magic question.

    "I don't know how" is changed to "if you did know how, how would you start right now?"

    "I can't get there" is changed to "if you could get there what would you need to do right now to achieve that?"

    "I can't afford it" is changed to "I guess you need more information before you can make a better decision. Let me ask you a few questions if I may..."

    Dr. John M. La Tourrette

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