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Thread: 20 Questions with Sean Kelley

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    Default 20 Questions with Sean Kelley

    What year did you start studying Kenpo?

    I started under Francisco Conde 1978 who met Ed Parker in Hawaii back in the late 1940s and Conde stayed at the Emperados and that is how he became friends with Mr.parker. Conde was ranked as 8th Degree under the IKKA.

    What is your current rank?.
    Currently 7th Degree Black

    What brought you to Kenpo?
    I was introduced to Ed Parker at a young age and he was the fastest man I ever seen move,Plus I was a big Elvis fan and everywhere I looked a saw the Kenpo Crest even on Elvis' guitar.

    What kept you studying Kenpo?
    The ability to network with First generation Parker Black belts like Hebler,Pick,Schulte,and many others. Also the need to more proficient in Street self-defense as I have worked now over 21 years with the organization the "Guardian Angels".

    What was your first class like?
    Master Conde was a POW who believed in you Fight to you can't fight no more...very Militant and rough back in those days.But he was always teaching us things he learned with Ed Parker and was always talking about the "Old man" as if he was the greatest Martial Artists he ver met. For some who don't know Conde he's mentioned in the Nunchaku book that Mr.parker authored years back.

    What has been your biggest Highlight during your Kenpo career?
    Having met Mike Pick as my mentor and being best friends with David Stanley the step-brother to Elvis Presley.These men are special people in my life. I really have many things to be grateful for such as meeting my Fiance Kimmy and having Dave Hebler as my daughters adopted Grandfather. He was my roomate for about 2 years and we became really close friends....more like family!

    What is your fondest training memory?
    When Ed Parker and Fransisco Conde promoted my in 1983 to my First Black belt and he later wrote letter stating how he remembered me for my speed regardless of my size many would be decieved by that! True story....

    Do you prefer standard classes or seminars when you teach?
    I really have no preferance as I enjoy anytime being able to share what I've learned...Kids,Yound adults/adults and of any rank....

    What is your fondest memory of Ed Parker?
    He came in 1988 to a seminar and got to meet Curtis Sliwa president of the Guardian Angels. He was so impressed with Curtis and the organization he said he would always be there for Curtis if he was needed.Curtis in turn gave Mr.Parker a special Red Beret from New York as a token of his respect and admiration he had for Ed Parker and his sytem of American Kenpo.

    What do you feel your biggest contribution to the Kenpo community has been?
    In re-uniting Old Friends to come to my Annual Kenpo Camp for a weekend of Brotherhood and Camraderie for over 13 years now.

    Do you have any books or videos on the market? If so what are their titles?
    I just produced a series of training tapes up to Green belt titled "Infinite Oversight's a guide to helping students review or to help in areas that they may be having problems in a class room situation. Almost like a Private lesson on DVD not a DVD about me or my speed or power, but a tool to help with student retention.

    What would you like to be remembered the most for in the Kenpo community?
    Being fair,honest,dedicated to the art and aman of Honor,Integrity, and above all my word is my bond.....TCB!

    What do you think is your strongest ability in Kenpo?
    teaching students how to understand the insights of the system.I have series of seminars I teach and one of the topics is called "Parrallels and Links" another one is "How to go from "Ideal to Formulation stage".

    What obstacles have you encountered in your career? How did you overcome them?
    I have seen to many Chiefs and not enough Indians.There are many who have made claims that they were the chosen one by Ed Parker or they learned secret moves and secret principles only they were taught. It is not hard to trace a mans history or truth, so why lie or inflate the truth, just be honest and say...Hey this is where my Kenpo style has gone and these are the ideas I came up with while training with Ed Parker.

    In my career I have followed many who were good teachers but poor leaders and that was a chalenge for me. I am a loyal man to my art and the people of my peers. But don't BS us or take for granted our kindness as a sign of weakness.
    As the President of the CKF I have needed to make over the years organizational decisions that some may not agree with,but that's why I'm in the drivers's my job and my responsibilty to look out for the big picture. I'm more happy now in my life and my path in Kenpo is stronger than ever. Our group has gone from local to International because we are a family with strong morals and a strong LIneage with a Leader who even guides me in the right direction....we are solid.

    If you had to do it all over again, would you? And would you do anything differently?
    Not at all my, Journey has given me many rewards, and many friends who have become my Kenpo brothers and Sisters.I would never trade that for anything.

    If you could spend one whole day learning from any martial artist, that has ever lived, who would it be and why?
    I'm already there and it is a dream come true to find a man who respects me back as I do him. I am done with my Kenpo search at 44 years old...Michael Robert Pick is my mentor and he guides me on a weekly basis.

    What goals do you currently have in the arts?
    To learn Mr.Pick's system "Kenpo Combative" system and to take up the study Massage Therapy to heal people who are in discomfort.

    Who do you feel are some of the true standouts within your system?
    Mike Pick,Dave Hebler,Rainer Schulte,Lee Wedlake,Ed Parker jr.,Lee Epperson,Larry Tatum,Huk PLanas,Jeff Speakman,and Frank Trejo.

    What do you think we can expect from them in the future?
    There Legends just by who they are and the people they come in touch with....they owe us nothing and we we owe them everything for making this system a wonderful art to be in and to be apart of.

    Do you have any advice would like to give to those just starting out?
    Train with every person you heard about in Kenpo.Never listen to someone else who tells you something negative until you find out on your own.My Journey found more lies than truth and I'm Honored to have met every damn one of them....they were all apart of the big puzzle in making Kenpo a science.It's just to bad the pieces are so scattered....enjoy the Journey!

    Sean P.Kelley
    CKF President

    I thank you Sir for taking the time to answer these questions.
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