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Thread: 20 Questions with Ron "Doc' Chapel

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    Default 20 Questions with Ron "Doc' Chapel

    What year did you start studying Kenpo?

    I met Ed Parker on a Sunday in the summer of 1963, and became a private student immediately meeting with him that week for my first lesson.

    What is your current rank?

    Who cares? Rank has become meaningless in today’s Kenpo environment. Everybody is a 9th or 10th, but few have the knowledge to make such claims.

    What brought you to Kenpo?

    Ed Parker was already a legend in the arts even as a young man. I studied originally with Ark Wong and was overjoyed to discover that was one of his many teachers as well.

    What kept you studying Kenpo?

    In the beginning, Ed Parker. Since his passing, my desire to complete many of the things we started, and show that Ed Parker was even more of a genius than most knew. I also promised him I would always “Spread (his) gospel.”

    What was your first class like?

    It was truly a unique experience from a martial arts teacher. I dressed and warmed up. He sat me down in the office and we talked for a couple of hours about his many ideas and how he intended to implement them. I received the greatest lesson I had ever had, and we never went to the mat.

    What has been your biggest Highlight during your Kenpo career?

    Among many, being introduced to Mr. Parker’s Mother and family in Hawaii as a “friend.”

    What is your fondest training memory?

    All of them.

    Do you prefer standard classes or seminars when you teach?

    I prefer classes where I can truly teach. In seminars, the info is abbreviated and you can only demo information. Teachers must leave students with useful information they can understand AND implement. Otherwise, you’re just “enlightening.”

    What is your fondest memory of Ed Parker?

    All of them, but especially when we took vacations to Hawaii together. It wasn’t about martial arts, (although we always ended up talking and doing it), but his quiet time when he wanted a rest from people and we just hung out.

    What do you feel your biggest contribution to the Kenpo community has been?

    Ultimately, I think my biggest contribution will be the complete codifications of all basic applications in the arts. All arts and for anyone interested in “how” things must be done correctly.

    Do you have any books or videos on the market? If so what are their titles?

    Although I meet stiff resistance from students and friends, for now, I prefer to for the most part to keep study materials in-house. Not because they’re “secret” but because the information will either not be understood, or misinterpreted negatively by detractors looking for flaws.

    What would you like to be remembered the most for in the Kenpo community?

    As a great teacher.

    What do you think is your strongest ability in Kenpo?

    The ability to actually get students to move to the best of their ability and be effective.

    What obstacles have you encountered in your career? How did you overcome them?

    If I understand you correctly, “kenpo” is not a career for me. My career has been in law enforcement and education, with all of the attendant distractions of work, life and death in a family, punctuated by “kenpo time.”

    If you had to do it all over again, would you? And would you do anything differently?

    When Ed Parker would say, “Hey, let me show you something.” when I knew he was dead tired, I think I might be slightly more inclined to listen instead of telling him to go to bed. We never expect our love ones to leave us so abruptly, and now I’ve outlived him, and am older than he was when he passed on.

    If you could spend one whole day learning from any martial artist, that has ever lived, who would it be and why?

    Other than the Old Man himself, Nikola Tesla. Sheer genius, and we probably wouldn't talk about martial arts.

    What goals do you currently have in the arts?

    To keep moving and finish what I started with Ed Parker.

    Who do you feel are some of the true standouts within your system? What do you think we can expect from them in the future?

    There are some truly great people, but I won’t start naming manes because I’ll forget someone.

    Do you have any advice would like to give to those just starting out?

    Be true to yourself, and accept nothing but the best you can find in anything you do, martial arts included. Don’t delude yourself that you are capable beyond your means, and keep your ego in check.

    I thank you for your time with this interview, I am sure everyone who reads this will have a greater understanding to what you have to offer the Kenpo Community.

    Quality outweighs quantity every time.

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    Default 20 Questions with Ron "Doc Chapel

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