What year did you start studying Kenpo?

I actually started in the martial arts in 1970. I started Kenpo in 1972. My first art was Judo.

What is your current rank?

I currently hold a 9th degree in Kenpo, 4th in Judo, 3rd in Jui Jutsu, 3rd in Ninjutsu, 1st in Iaido. I have been teaching since 1976.

What brought you to Kenpo?

My father knew a man he worked with and he was an instructor. I was interested in training and gave him a call. I have been training since.

What kept you studying Kenpo?

At the time it was just fun. After a while it got under my skin to be the best. I am still working on that project. The Kenpo system has everything a martial artist could want if you train properly.

What has been your biggest Highlight during your Kenpo career?

I would have to say that the first and only time I met Mr. Parker was the highlight with meeting Mr Tatum definitely a close second.

What is your fondest training memory?

My fondest training memory was and still is, watching students who get it. They do a technique and then they look at me and say “I get it”. This stuff is cool and it really works.

Do you prefer standard classes or seminars when you teach?

I love doing both classes and seminars. Seminars are where you can really have fun with people you do not know.

Do you have any books or videos on the market? If so what are their titles?
What would you like to be remembered the most for in the Kenpo community?

I have a whole series of DVD’s on the system the way I teach it. I also have one on Kenpo manipulation and knife fighting with Kenpo principles. They are available on my website.

What obstacles have you encountered in your career? How did you overcome them?
I have not run into many obstacles that have impaired my training. I have seen many obstacles in the way of others though. I treat everyone equally. I do not care where they come from who they train with.

If you could spend one whole day learning from any martial artist, that has ever lived, who would it be and why?

I would have loved to have spent a whole day with Mr Parker. I always hear from others what he said and did. I never quote him to anyone because I never heard it said directly to me. I do not like hear-say.

What goals do you currently have in the arts?

My goals are to keep on doing what I am doing now. Keep on practicing and working to improve my teaching skills. Keep spreading the Kenpo word.

Do you have any advice would like to give to those just starting out?

I would like to say to anyone coming into the Kenpo system, be careful. Go and watch classes . Go more that once. Go to several places. Do not sign any contracts until you do these things. There are a lot of bad instructors out there. Remember most people teach for a living. It is a business. Be careful.

I thank you for your time with this interview, I am sure everyone who reads this will have a greater understanding to what you have to offer the Kenpo Community.