When the idea to start this area came to fruition Emails were sent out to those who have agreed to be Contributors to this area. They were all given the same list of questions and as the replies they will posted here for everyone to view.

20 Questions with Dennis Conatser

What year did you start studying Kenpo?

What is your current rank?
6th Degree Black Belt

What brought you to Kenpo?
Always thought it would be interesting and got tired of being bullied

What kept you studying Kenpo?
The great Art and all my great instructors

What was your first class like?
OMG soooo exciting I was in heaven couldn't sleep that night

What has been your biggest Highlight during your Kenpo career?
Now thats a tough one.... Traveling with Ed Parker to foreign lands, my match at the Internationals with Ray Sua, and being able to alter and help in the development of so many students.

What is your fondest training memory?
Helping my little Brother Vince Hatcher at the Internationals one year

Do you prefer standard classes or seminars when you teach?
Doesn't matter to me

What is your fondest memory of Ed Parker?
Now that is really tough..... there were so many I cant count but probably the time we were shopping in Pasadena in a Mall and he stopped me to listen to Christmas music..... closed his eyes for a few moments and then said "Ahh this music always reminds me of my father, Arthur, he loved this music".

What do you feel your biggest contribution to the Kenpo community has been?
Teaching as many as I can, the Art I was taught without mudding up the water.

Do you have any books or videos on the market? If so what are their titles?
Not yet but soon...

What would you like to be remembered the most for in the Kenpo community?
Quality and clairification of Ed Parkers American Kenpo

What do you think is your strongest ability in Kenpo?
Teaching others to be the best in Kenpo

What obstacles have you encountered in your career? How did you overcome them?
Politics .. try to avoid them as much as possible and stay on target with the material

If you had to do it all over again, would you? And would you do anything differently?
Yes, not a damn thing except bug Ed Parker more

If you could spend one whole day learning from any martial artist, that has ever lived, who would it be and why?
Well one day would be almost worthless but any time with a great would be interesting so I'd have to say Wally Jay, he is funny and so skilled it isn't funny.

What goals do you currently have in the arts?
To reach out to more people in the world through the IKKO (International Kenpo Karate Organization)

Who do you feel are some of the true standouts within your system? What do you think we can expect from them in the future?
They all are standouts..... I can expect only excellence from them thru their lives.

Do you have any advice would like to give to those just starting out?
Find an instructor with a good pedegree and listen to what they have to say..... don't get pulled off the path due to glitz and glamor.

I thank you for your time with this interview, I am sure everyone who reads this will have a greater understanding to what you have to offer the Kenpo Community.