always wondering?
By kosho - Fri, 21 Dec 2007 13:53:37 GMT


Well this is a funny story. I teach Kempo, and my (2) girls study from me. I am always wondering are they truly learning and getting this??
Well I have private classes on Tuesday nights. So I miss out on some of the YMCA stuff for my girls. My 6 year old is doing basketball. learning and just having fun. Well my 5 pm private class called out sick. So I jetted over to the YMCA to watch my little girl do Basketball.

So, I get there and I am watching her do her thing. she is doing really well better then I thought she could do. So I am cheering her on. Well there doing lay ups and in line she is flirting with this BOY. So, I ask my wife she do this all the time? Oh Yes thats so and so. She thinks he is cute...
MAN, whats up my little girl already flirting with the cute BOYS.

So this is going on back and forth. both of them flirting with each other. little kicks to the feet and touch on the arm ETC. So, one of the other parents there I know says somthing about Martial arts and we start talking. I see my little girl give the BOY a little pinch, He then grabs her arm in a Physical manner. The next thing Myself and my wife and all the parents there see is my Little Girl put this BOY into a standing arm bar.
we all look at each other and I SMILE. She lets him go and shortly after the class ends.

I go up to her and say why did you put that bot in a Standing arm bar. She said he hurt my wrist, so I just wanted him to let go. So I wrapped him up like you said to in class. I smiled and said its for self defense only. she smiles and says DAD At I could have threw him but I decieded not to.

So I was always wondering are my girls getting the things I want them to as a teacher and as a DAD. My ans: is YES.



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