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By KrayONE - Fri, 16 Nov 2007 07:10:01 GMT


Ok guys, i feel like i need to talk about this. A little background first if ya dont mind. I've been involved with Kenpo since i turned 15, i had found a flyer from a taco shop and decided to give it a try so i could get in shape for another sport. but i ended up really enjoying it and stayed with it since. But the school is not very big, its more geared towards children, being the name of the studio has 'family' in it and we have 20 times more kids then adult students. theres only three brown belts including myself, and four black belts. The four black belts, two are seniors, one of whom had been along side Mr. Parker, i dunno if its right to share his name so ill leave it at that. Another trained at what I've heard the owner say a Parker school but im not sure what that means, only from what the owner has talked about off and on about, Parker himself had gone there to sit on or do tests :/. the third the owner of the school, who also trained at this Parker school, and the fourth had retired from coming to the school because of one of the other seniors' big EGO...

So here I am at brown and I'm VERY frustrated at this school, two brown belts, who seem like all they want to do is work on their stuff, there are no technique lines ever going on, the other two brown belt students kinda go off and just have talk sessions when im there and it pisses me off, and i want to do kenpo, you know, you need to work with bodies for this kinda stuff rite? LOL.. so one of them does not like to do technique lines and afraid to get hit, even though sometimes i get him to do a technique line one on one, but he has such a short attention span it dissipates after some time. the other brown belt is a lot younger than i, 16 and imho does not move very well, and thinks that I 'show off,' and ive been told that i've always moved very well for my rank from blue to now brown and i don't try to show off or anything.

Im so frustrated with all this, ive tried to just take a break for awhile and came back really pumped, like to the highest degree, only to get MORE pissed off. When I go to the studio i want to do kenpo, not talk about other things, it turns into social hour, and i've tried talking to the owner but he gets busy sometimes with customers coming in, but when i get time with him we work on just the motion of just learning techniques, i want to go over old techniques in technique lines, beak em down, touch targets and all that good stuff, but it doesnt happen, time runs out and the kids class starts. The two think that to learn kenpo they need their beloved studio owner or something, like we three cant get together and help each other? these guys to me, especially the one who is afraid to get hit, is so lazy its ridiculous, I want to help him perfect his art, and i also want him to help me because when I started he was a 2nd brown now first brown and im at third, i mean i think he shoulda reached black by now ya know? He comes to the studio and teaches little kids, then we come together and teach more kids, then we have an advanced class and im in it, and i want him to go over things in depth and all that, but he sits there with another kid trying to read one of the pledges to him like twenty times... hes always trying to avoid kenpo. I dunno what his deal is but im extremely frustrated and I appreciate anyone who reads this i just need to vent about it. sorry lol..


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