What EXACTLY happened?
By jeepee - Mon, 05 Nov 2007 06:03:51 GMT


Yesterday, i was practicing how to block a hit from a small wooden stick with my Shaolin Kempo Karate teacher, and on the third trial, I suddenly hit the stick with my left forearm bone (instead of blocking my teacher's forerarm with the side of my hand...yeah I know, silly me...). After that hit, I felt great pain in my arm and seconds later i felt dizzy and needed to lie down on the floor. The master of the school, who also happened to be there just said "oh you were hit on an accupuncture point, just lie down, raise your legs and rub your arm. you'll feel better soon".

In fact, I felt much better after approx. 30 seconds. But I'm still wondering if all this was the effect of a real accupuncture point, or a tiny fracture of my bone? Right now, I can feel a small and red bump where I was hit, but it doesn't feel like something is broken...? I mean, I can move my arm but the tiny bump is still sensitive. By the way, the bump is as big as any usual bruises you can get from sparring.

Any light on this would be really appreciated. Has this ever happened to some of you?




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