"By The Book"
By MJS - Tue, 30 Oct 2007 13:44:43 GMT


Last night, I was reading thru some posts on another forum. I came across a discussion on forms. The poster stated that she was recently reviewing a form with a student, but this student had come from a different lineage, so there were slight differences in the way she was teaching and the way the student had learned it. She proceeded to ask questions on lineage, forms, etc. Another member made the comment to, 'teach it the book way.'

So, my question is...what is the book way? Considering that there are many variation, considering we have many lineages, is there a set way? I would imagine though, that if per se, someone came from Palanzo and went to Tatum, and there were slight differences (I don't know if there are or not, just using this as an example) that the student would made the necessary changes to suit the org. he/she is with now.

Of course, upon first reading, and maybe I just misread, but I almost got the impression that the person that mentioned doing it by the book, was hinting that his way was "The" way of doing the form.



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