masters of kempo
By marlon - Fri, 26 Oct 2007 20:38:58 GMT


I want to thank Ed Parker jr. for sharing his insight skill and humoour with us at the unity seminar. Among many other things one point he brought out was that we spend too much time looking back and do not honour ourselves enough. I agree. there are many masters today who have a great deal of knowledge to share and hold back. Shihan Ingargiola, Master Chun jr., Doc Chapel,master John name a few. It would be a great loss to have these noteables leave us without using the technology of today to document and comment on thier arts!! And we also should do so as we learn and grow. There is a great discussion in taiji about those who change things without proper knowledge. I agree, too early fosters weakness but so does merely mimicing your instructor. As the greats set things out of the pinnicle of thier understanding we can refernece, grow and understand better. In the end the life of our styles demands growth or dictates death. and the above mentioned are a wondeful launching point. i hope everyone encourages them to open and share on a large broad scale. all of us and all of martial arts will benefit from this sharing.
Unfortunately there is a tendacy to slam others and fear that thier skill and history can force us into doing things thier way. An unaviodable reality, i think, but in the end so what, those wh odon't like it can leave it, at least it will be there as a reference for growth and not a dead stagnate thing.
well end of my babbling. Any thoughts?


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